The Western Rite Orthodox Church in England

We are part of the French Orthodox Church, “Orthodox” in the sense of being part of the great Orthodox Church, however, specifically English (here in England) using traditional English forms of worship. We hold strongly to the entire teachings of the worldwide Orthodox Church without any deletions or additions.

The Orthodox Church throughout the world is overwhelmingly Byzantine in its worship. But it holds within itself several groupings of Western Rite parishes, but not until recently in this country. So we have set up the Orthodox Church in England. We already have a Prayer Book - the Divine Liturgy of Saint Germain of Paris, having been used in the Orthodox Church of France, and other parts of the world, in their local language. We also when required use the much longer Liturgy of Saint John Chrysostom, and the LIturgy of Saint Basil (in English).

The Orthodox Church accepts entirely the complete teachings of the worldwide Orthodox Church without any deletions or additions. It is in full spiritual communion with those local Orthodox Churches which recognise the canonical patriarchates of the worldwide Orthodox Church. Most specifically it aligns itself with the Patriarch of Moscow, through the Archbishop of Paris.

The Orthodox Church in England is the English expression of traditional Orthodoxy, following from the Holy Synod of Moscow decision of 1870 to establish a Western Rite Orthodox diocese in England carrying on from the Orthodox Church which existed in the British Isles for a full thousand years up until the Norman invasion of 1066 which brought the Great Schism to these shores.

Clergy joining this diocese shall be required to swear adherence to the Ecumenical Councils, Nicene-Constantinopolitan Creed and loyalty to the Ordinary/Bishop of this diocese.

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